DGP/24 Information Papers

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No.Agenda Item No. TitleLanguagePresented by
15,5.5Competency Frameworks T. Muller
2Provisions for Fuel Cells used to Power Portable Electronic Devices Carried by Passengers or Crew Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association
35,5.1Lithium Metal Batteries NEMA, PRBA, EPBA, RECHARGE, AdvaMed, ITI, TechAmerica, TIA
45,5.3Safety Management Systems: Dangerous Goods Transport C. Glasow
56State-Specfic Approaches to Dangerous Goods Incident Collection and Reporting Systems C. Glasow
65,5.1Jane’s Airport Review: “Burning Issue: Battery Safety creates concerns in the cargo community” the Secretary
75,5.1Secondary Lithium Batteries H. Brockhaus
91Applicability of SMS SARPS SMP WG2
106Clarifications on the Use of Hazmat in Flight Plan the Air Traffic Management Requirements and Performance Panel (ATMRPP)

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