DGP/23 Information Papers

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No. Agenda Item No. Title Language Presented by
1 5.1 Lithium Batteries Outreach: Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Australia A. Tušek
2 6 Personal Cooking Systems: Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Australia A. Tušek
3 5.1 The Finding of Dangerous Goods in the Post G. A. Leach
4 2 "On the Person" A. Tušek
2 Wheelchairs and other Mobility Aids Powered by Batteries G. A. Leach
6 6 Safety Management Systems: Dangerous Goods Transport J. McLaughlin
7 6 Update on Work Conducted by FAA Technical Center J. McLaughlin
8 6 ICAO Endorsement of Aviation Safety-Related Training and Testing Activities the Secretariat
9 6 United Nations Economic and Social Council Resolution on TDG/GHS the Secretary
10 5.1 UPU Presentation: Postal Security and Lithium Batteries UPU
11 5.1 Additional Information to be Considered With DGP/23-WP/72: Lithium Battery Standards J. McLaughlin

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