Following the successful conclusion of the work of the Ad Hoc USOAP CMA Advisory Group (USOAP-AG) in 2020, the Council was presented with the group’s recommendations and strategic advice to evolve the USOAP continuous monitoring approach during its 221st Session. The Council expressed its sincere appreciation to the USOAP-AG for all the work undertaken to date and the recommendations presented. In particular, the USOAP-AG proposals address duplication of efforts and burden on States and also identify synergies to enhance the efficiency of the USOAP CMA and support its evolution. The recommendations aim at strengthening the global acceptance and results of the programme, while abiding by the principles of independence, universality, standardization and transparency.

The USOAP-AG recommendations can be found here.


In line with the Council’s decision, State letter 2021/01 was issued, transmitting the proposed recommendations to Member States in order to seek views and gauge reactions to the recommendations and the envisaged expanded scope of the programme. Responses from States to SL 2021/01 are due on 30 June 2021. The result of this consultation with Member States is expected to be presented to the Council during its 225th Session.


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