Agadir Regional Runway Safety Seminar


The African Region
Runway Safety Seminar
Agadir, Morocco
10 - 12 April, 2013  

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), in partnership with ACI Africa and ONDA, invites its Member States, participants, sponsors and exhibitors to the African Regional Runway Safety Seminar.

This event is being held in conjunction with the 49th ACI AFRICA Board & Working Groups Meeting (8-9 April 2013) and the ACI Developing Nation Airports Training on Safety (13-14 April 2013) along with the Office National des Aéroports (ONDA).
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ICAO and its Runway Safety Partners are committed to presenting Regional Runway Safety Seminars (RRSSs) across the globe over the next two years to promote the establishment of Runway Safety Teams (RSTs) as a means of addressing runway safety issues. Be part of an important regional event that will bring together experts from diverse professional domains to promote a multidisciplinary approach to improving runway safety outcomes in Africa.
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For visas on arrival, please send a copy of your passport and your flight details to:
Mme Nezha Karbal
Assistante du Secrétaire Général
& Responsable Logistique du Bureau
Régional de l'ACI Afrique
Tél : +212 6 62 30 06 40
        +212 6 60 100 256

Welcome Note
Ali Tounsi
Secretary General
ACI Africa


 Elizabeth Gnehm

 ICAO Runway Safety

Programme Focal Point



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  • the benefits of establishing Runway Safety Teams (RSTs) and how they work

  • identification of runway safety hazards

  • different mitigation strategies available
  • regionally relevant issues and how they have been or could be addressed
  • regional support for RSTs
Aviation professionals who should attend include: 
Aircraft operators and pilots
Air navigation service providers and ATCs
Aerodrome operators
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