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The ICAO Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP) compiles and disseminates a wide range of informative materials and best practice examples relevant to low emission aviation measures. Specifically, the aim is to strengthen national capacities, processes and mechanisms to reduce CO2 emissions from international aviation, particularly in developing states and small island developing states (SIDS).


The platform is a key component of the joint UNDP/ICAO assistance project "Transforming the global aviation sector: emissions reductions from international aviation", financed by the Global Environment Facility (GEF).


The information used to populate the KSP database was drawn from a variety of ICAO internal as well publicly available third party sources. At the time of publication, the platform comprised nearly 2,000 examples of low emission aviation measures from different States across all ICAO regions.


These measures were subsequently classified according to the seven main categories of the ICAO Basket of Measures (as described in Appendix A of ICAO Doc. 9988), namely: i) Aircraft-related technology development; ii) Alternative fuels; iii) Improved air traffic management and infrastructure use; iv) More efficient operations; v) Economic/market-based measures; vi) Regulatory measures/other; and vii) Airport Improvements.


The KSP database further distinguishes five formats to group the identified measures: policies and regulations, web portals and publications, energy and technology products, advisory, research and support tools, and best practice examples. Other​ relevant descriptors used within the database include the name, type and location of the entity from which the example was taken, the relevant ICAO Region, as well as, in some cases, the year in which the specific measure was implemented.


Information presented in the platform's search results looks as follows:


Abu Dhabi International Airport
The programme independently certifies aiport's effort to manage and reduce carbon emissions through four increasing levels of certification: mapping, reduction, optimization and neutrality

Airport improvements | Best practice examples | Industry | UAE | Middle East (MID)



In addition to the searchable database, the KSP website contains specific sections with selected videos on aviation and environment, materials and tutorials, as well as a document library where users can access relevant ICAO guidance materials.


Finally, the platform introduces an interactive "Expert Community" where stakeholders and interested parties can submit specific questions regarding the various aspects surrounding the use and implementation of low emission aviation measures. Questions will be addressed by relevant experts within the ICAO Secretariat and their responses, together with the original questions, will be shared online for everyone's benefit. 


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