Signol participation at the ICAO Stocktaking 2020

Air operations - Daniel White,CEO

Signol helps airlines cut fuel use and carbon emissions by transforming operational data into personalised performance feedback and targets, motivating and empowering employees to take charge of their own performance and therefore improving their individual fuel efficiency by up to 30 percent, thus reducing resource consumption.


This technique helps pilots see the impact of their decision on fuel use and was demonstrated to be one of the cheapest measures of carbon abatement in a trial with Virgin Atlantic.


Moreover, through using techniques from behavioural science Signol helps pilots and employees improve not only their performance but also their job satisfaction, e.g., showing pilots the impact of their operational decisions on fuel efficiency and giving them non-binding targets. In their trial with Virgin Atlantic, besides creating an environmental impact by saving 54m lbs in CO², Signol saved the airline 1% in fuel cost over 8 months and improved the welfare of participating captains by 15%.



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