​​Information related to the tenth meeting of the committee on Aviation Environmental Protection   (CAEP/10)



Montreal, Canada, 1 to 12 February 2016




The CAEP/10 meeting will consider current work and final deliverables on tasks related to the following items.​




Present and future impact of aircraft noise and emissions



  • Noise, Particulate Matter (PM), and Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) trends projections, for various scenarios which consider technology and operational improvements.

  • CO2 emissions trends projections for various scenarios which consider technology, operational improvements and alternative fuels life-cycle.


     Models and databases

  • Models and databases to be used in support of specific CAEP analyses.

  • New methodology for calculating the emissions associated with air cargo.​


Aircraft engine emissions


  • New ICAO Aeroplane CO2 Standard, including proposed text for the First Edition of Annex 16, Volume III and Environmental Technical Manual (ETM), Volume III.

  • Proposed amendments to Annex 16, Vol II and the Environmental Technical Manual (ETM), Volume II.

  • Proposed amendments to Annex 16, Volume II and the Environmental Technical Manual (ETM), Volume II regarding the non-volatile Particulate Matter (nvPM) Standard.

  • Assessment of advances in engine combustor design technologies for subsonic aircraft.​


Aircraft noise


  • Proposed amendments to Annex 16, Volume I and the Environmental Technical Manual (ETM), Volume I.

  • National and international noise research programme goals and milestones, and technology goals benchmarking.

  • Progress towards developing noise certification standards for supersonic aircraft.

  • Status of supersonic transport projects.

  • Research to characterize, quantify and measure sonic boom and its acceptability​


Airports and operations

  • Circular on best practice case studies and lessons learned on airport community engagement.

  • Updates to the ICAO website regarding operational interdependencies.

  • Report on best practice case studies for the environmental assessment of proposed air traffic management changes.

  • ASBU Block 0 environmental benefits analysis and the preparatory work for a future analysis of ASBU Block 1.

  • Proposed updates to the Airport Planning Manual, Volume II.

  • Proposed updates to the Airport Air Quality Manual.​


Alternative fuels


  • Quantification of the potential production of sustainable alternative aviation fuels and their emissions reduction potential to 2050.

  • Recommendations on how the life-cycle benefit of alternative fuels could be included in the global market-based measure monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) system.​


Global market-based measure technical analysis


  • Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV).

  • Eligibility criteria for emission units in the global MBM.

  • Registries for the global MBM.

  • Modelling and evaluation work on technical proposals for a Global market-based measure (MBM).​


Science related to aircraft noise and emissions


  • White papers from the ISG on Aviation Impacts on Climate; Climate Impacts on Aviation; Aviation Impacts on Air Quality; and Aviation Noise Impacts.

  • Scoping study on the possible effects of climate change on air navigation services over the North Atlantic and consideration of CAEP future work on climate impacts on aviation.

  • Options to update the information contained in the 1999 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on Aviation and the Global Atmosphere.


Future work


  • Proposals from CAEP Members, observers, working groups and ICAO for the CAEP/11 work programme. 



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