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CORE-JetFuel supports the European Commission in its dynamic and informed implementation of research and innovation projects in the field of sustainable alternative fuels for aviation. It links initiatives and projects at the EU and Member State level, serving as a focal point in this area to all public and private stakeholders.


The project will evaluate the research and innovation “landscape” in order to develop and implement a strategy for sharing information, for coordinating initiatives, projects and results and to identify needs in research, standardisation, innovation and deployment, as well as policy measures at European level.


Research & Development

Value-chain step
Full value-chain

Type of pathway

Starting time and duration
September 2013 - August 2016

Research, technical centers, EC, NGOs

Regional scope

Involved countries


CORE-JetFuel is a Coordination Support Action funded under the 7Th Research Framework Program by the European Commission.


CORE JetFuel objectives are to:
  • support the European Commission in the implementation of research and innovation projects for sustainable alternative jet fuels;
  • to connect initiatives and projects at European and Member State level;
  • to serve as a focal point to all public and private stakeholders;
  • to set up a European network of excellence for alternative fuels in aviation.

The initiative covers the entire fuel production chain and the work is divided into four thematic domains:

  1. Feedstock and Sustainability;
  2. Conversion Technologies and Radical Concepts;
  3. Technical Compatibility, Certification and Deployment;
  4. Policies, Incentives and Regulation.

Within these four domains, the identification, collection, analysis and evaluation of all relevant national, European and international R&D activities in the field of sustainable alternative fuels for aviation take place. The work is supplemented by the establishment of Stakeholder Working Groups corresponding to the four thematic domains.


The organisation of workshops and conferences is also planned as well as the development of cooperation with Brazil and the United-States.


  • ​Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. - FNR (Germany)
  • Bauhaus Luftfahrt - BHL (Germany)
  • Servicios y Estudios para la Navegacion Aerea y la Seguridad Aeronautica - SENASA (Spain)
  • IFP Energies Nouvelles - IFPEN (France)
  • WIP Renweable Energy - WIP (Germany)
  • EADS Innovation Works (France)


Achievements to date

Workshops organized throughout the course of the project:

  • 20-22 October 2014:
    • Sustainable Aviation Fuels Forum, Madrid
  • 01 June 2015:
    • Stakeholder Workshop: Sustainable alternative aviation fuels – Innovative conversion technologies and deployment, EUBCE, Vienna
  • 29 October 2015:
    • Strategy Workshop – Policies and value chains for large-scale deployment of alternative aviation fuels, IEA Bioenergy Conference, Berlin
  • 28 April 2016:
    • CAAFI - CORE-JetFuel Cooperation Workshop, Alexandria (USA)
  • 16-17 June 2016:
    • CORE-JetFuel Final International Conference: Sustainable Alternative Aviation Fuels – The Way Forward


Presentations and summaries of the workshops are available here.

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