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Australian Initiative for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (AISAF)


The Australian Initiative for Sustainable Aviation Fuels (AISAF) is a coalition of the diverse participants from business, government and academia in Australia. It is operated as a part of the Alternative Transport Fuels Initiative of the US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. AISAF’s vision is a long-term future for aviation powered by sustainable fuels.

The objectives of AISAF are to:

  • Support the development and introduction of commercial supply chains for sustainable aviation fuels in Australia
  • Engage and collaborate with partners in the USA and other countries


Stakeholders Action Group

Value-chain step
Full value-chain

Type of pathway

Starting time and duration
2012 - 2015

Airlines, Aviation/Aerospace Industry, National Laboratory and University R&D, Agricultural and other Feedstock Providers, Fuel Producers and Distribution, Design and Construction Engineers, Banking and Finance Sectors, State and Federal Governments, Non-Government Organisations

Regional scope
National and Asia Pacific

Involved countries


AISAF was founded on 8 August 2012 as public private partnership supported by the aviation industry and the Australian Government. In August 2013, AISAF joined forces with Aviation Aerospace Australia (A/AA; the not-for-profit and independent association, with an overarching objective to contribute to the long-term health and sustainability of Australia's aviation and aerospace sector.

AISAF is structured around its Steering Committee and four working groups:
  1. Research, Development & Demonstration – feedstocks and conversion technologies,
  2. Fuel Certification & Qualification,
  3. Environmental Impacts,
  4. Commercialisation.

The objectives of the working groups are to:

  • Identify gaps in research, studies and analyses of the challenges in developing and commercialising sustainable aviation fuel and, where appropriate, facilitate the required research and analysis;
  • Facilitate sharing of information to establish a common understanding amongst AISAF stakeholders of the current state of the sustainable aviation fuel industry domestically and internationally;
  • Prioritise efforts to focus on significant domestic and international sustainable aviation fuel developments that will improve the integration of activities essential to the development of a commercially viable sustainable aviation fuels supply chain in Australia;
  • Communicate and engage with sustainable aviation fuel stakeholders from across the supply chain to improve the integration of activities essential to the development of sustainable aviation fuels.
  • Implement the Work Plan under the Australia USA Memorandum of Understanding on Sustainable Aviation Fuels

As of 2015, this initiative is not currently active, and has been absorbed into the US Studies Centre's Alternative Transport Fuel Initiative at the University of Sydney.


Air New Zealand, Qantas Airways, Virgin Australia, Airbus, Boeing, GE, Baker & McKenzie, CSIRO, Queensland Sustainable Aviation Fuels Initiative, Australian Government, The United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney, CAAFI

Achievements to date


  • Low Carbon Transport on the Move Conference, 2015
  • Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference, 2014

Contact information


  • Contact person: Dr. Susan Pond, AISAF Chair,​


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