Cybersecurity Action Plan

ICAO Council adopts the Cybersecurity Action Plan (CyAP)

As the aviation industry relies more and more on digitalization, cybersecurity became an essential component of a resilient aviation system. The interconnection of aviation systems across stakeholders and geographic locations increases the cyber-threat landscape from the local scene to the global level.


The ICAO Council adopted the Cybersecurity Action Plan (CyAP) for the Implementation of the Cybersecurity Strategy, reinforcing its commitment to building a robust global cybersecurity framework to strengthen the safety, security and sustainability of the international civil aviation system. 


The CyAP provides a foundation for States, industry, stakeholders, and ICAO to work together to develop the ability to identify, prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from cyber-attacks that might impact the safety, security, and continuity of aviation operations. It also creates a solid framework for cooperation amongst concerned stakeholders as it proposes a series of principles, measures, and actions to be implemented in order to achieve the objectives of the Aviation Cybersecurity Strategy's seven pillars.


This Cybersecurity Action Plan will be updated when necessary, as it evolves with the developments in the cyber threats landscape as well as the technological developments within the civil aviation sector. 


The Cybersecurity Action Plan is available for the parties concerned with its implementation. Request your copy here:

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