Airport Module - Baggage Claim Area


The baggage claim area of an airport is susceptible to high passenger footfall and physical contact with luggage carts, baggage, washrooms and other facilities. Disinfection measures and increased frequency of cleaning should be implemented.


  • All efforts need to be made to provide a speedy baggage claim process and ensure that passengers are not made to wait for excessive amounts of time in the baggage claim area.
  • Maximize use of available arrival baggage carousels to limit the gathering of passengers, and, where possible, use of dedicated baggage carousels for flights from high risk areas.
  • Governments should ensure that the customs clearance process is as speedy as possible and that appropriate measures are taken in case of physical baggage inspections.
  • Cleaning schedules should be aligned based on flight schedules to ensure a more frequent, in-depth disinfection of luggage carts, washrooms, elevator buttons, rails, etc.
  • Self-service kiosks or online options for passengers needing to report lost or damaged luggage should be made available.
  • Floor-markings, tensile barriers, or other suitable means should be established to help secure the proper distancing recommended by the appropriate authorities.
  • Airline agents at lost luggage counters should be provided with physical barriers (transparent) when possible.
  • The use of baggage delivery services, where the passenger's baggage can be delivered directly to their hotel or home, should be encouraged.
  • Baggage tracking information should be shared with passengers so that they are able to make a baggage claim, in case of baggage mishandling, without waiting in the reclaim area.
  • Protocols for cleaning and disinfection of the area should be established.

Means for uniform implementation

  • Collaborate with relevant authorities and airlines for cost-effective solutions that protect the travelling public.
  • Use the Airport COVID-19 Cleaning / Disinfection Control Sheet (PHC Form 3) or a similar one where appropriate.


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