Progress on ICAO's Strategic Objectives — Environmental Protection — States' Action Plans

States’ Action Plans


ICAO continued to work directly with States in order to support the development of States’ Action Plans. The State Action Plan initiative has become a key element of the Organization’s comprehensive capacity-building and assistance strategy to support Member States to implement a broad range of CO2 emissions mitigation measures selected from the ICAO Basket of Measures, specific to their national circumstances.


By 31 December 2018, 111 Member States, representing 92.3 per cent of international aviation Revenue Tonne Kilometre (RTK) had voluntarily submitted action plans to ICAO. These successful results demonstrate the high level of interest and engagement of ICAO Member States in this initiative, as well as the impact of ICAO’s assistance and capacity-building activities.


With respect to the ICAO State Action Plan Buddy Programme, ICAO has been working with Member States to facilitate and support the establishment of these partnerships. Seven partnerships have been established under the ICAO State Action Plan Programme, as described on the ICAO public website.


ICAO has also been engaged in the update of the Guidance on the Development of States’ Action Plans on CO2 Emissions Reduction Activities (Doc 9988), in order to integrate the lessons learned from the capacity-building and assistance projects implemented by ICAO and take into account the latest Standards and Recommended Practices.

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