Implementation Support — No Country Left Behind Initiatives — RSOOs and GASOS



Regional Safety Oversight Organizations Cooperative Platform (RSOO-CP)


The RSOO-CP provides a forum for RSOOs to share, discuss, coordinate and cooperate regarding the development and implementation of regional safety initiatives. In particular, RSOOs are able to discuss their experiences and challenges faced in order to learn from each other and promote best practices. In 2018, ICAO hosted monthly teleconferences with the RSOOs and one face-to-face meeting during the Thirteenth Air Navigation Conference. The RSOO platform has also been very supportive of GASOS, with one RSOO participating in a pilot GASOS assessment in 2018.


Global Aviation Safety Oversight System (GASOS)


In 2018, the GASOS programme developed a set of specific assessment criteria derived from the USOAP protocol questions, as well as a set of general assessment criteria related to organizational elements. The assessment criteria were tested in the areas of airworthiness of aircraft (AIR), aircraft operations (OPS), and air navigation services (ANS), as well as quality management systems and other organizational aspects. A second survey of RSOOs and States was conducted and will be used to refine the ICAO business case for GASOS and develop a cost benefit analysis. The GASOS concept was presented to the Thirteenth Air Navigation Conference, where it was agreed to continue developing an ICAO GASOS, including its legal framework and assessment mechanisms, with support from the Legal Affairs and External Relations Bureau (LEB).

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