Supporting Implementation Strategies — Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness — Revenue Generating Activities

Revenue Generating Activities


The Ancillary Revenue Generation Fund (ARGF) results for 2017 outperformed budgeted targets resulting in a surplus that contributed to the ICAO Regular Programme and additional work programmes of the Organization. The ARGF target was a contribution of CAD 6.4 million to the Regular Programme; this target was achieved and surpassed. A key reason for the strong operating results of the ARGF was a concerted effort to reduce operating costs by improving internal efficiencies, and the Fund also benefited from a favourable USD/CAD exchange rate.


In 2017, ARGF revenues were strongest in training and events. Despite the challenges of moving publications into the digital environment, they were still a leading source of revenue along with licensing of ICAO’s intellectual property, and delegation and conference services.


Efforts to expand revenue generation continued to focus on capacity-building, particularly in the ICAO Regions. This additional capacity supported integrated global events which brought together workshops, symposiums, training and new products. In addition, more sophisticated marketing and promotion supported ICAO products and services through the use of new digital tools such as email campaign software, downloadable event applications and live streaming.

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