Supporting Implementation Strategies — Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness — Delivery of Language Services

Delivery of Language Services


In 2017 Languages and Publications management actively promoted versatility as a key measure to maximize the use of resources in order to increase overall efficiency in the delivery of language services. Changes and initiatives implemented during the past year include:


​•​Increasing the number of staff translators who are also professional interpreters. The greater capacity to address unforeseen staffing changes will provide flexibility in the recruitment of freelance language staff on short notice.
​•​Acquisition of portable interpretation equipment to cover high-level bilateral meetings in simultaneous mode. This equipment, which helps save meeting time by about 50 per cent versus consecutive mode, was used for the first time during the ICAO World Aviation Forum (IWAF/3) in Abuja, Nigeria.
​•​Modernization of interpretation services technology to promote flexibility/efficiency and a paperless environment.
​•​Adoption of a new procedure to expedite short-term recruitment of text processing operators (TPOs)/proofreaders and editorial assistants.
​​•​Expansion of the remote-access facility to enable off-site work for TPOs/proofreaders and editorial assistants.


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