Strategic Objective — Economic Development of Air Transport — Voluntary Support for ICAO’s Work

Implementation of Resolution A38-14 of the 38th Session of the ICAO Assembly and of ATConf/6 Recommendations

Facilitating Air Services Negotiations and Fostering Cooperation Between States (ICAN)

Infrastructure Management and Financing the Air Transport System

ICAO Aviation Data

Joint Financing Agreements

Cooperation with Other United Nations Bodies

Outreach and Awareness Activities

Voluntary Support for ICAO’s Work

Technical Cooperation and Assistance Projects (TCB)


Voluntary Support for ICAO’s Work


China supported ICAO’s work in the areas of air transport policy and infrastructure economics by seconding an Air Transport Officer and an Infrastructure Officer.


France and Germany supported ICAO’s work in the areas of air transport policy, infrastructure management and statistics by funding two Junior Professional Officers.


The ICAO Council, at its 201st Session in February, approved the establishment of the Voluntary Air Transport Fund (TRAF), as recommended by the Sixth Worldwide Air Transport Conference (ATConf/6), in support of the Organization’s work in the air transport field. The TRAF serves as a mechanism for the collection and use of voluntary contributions from States and other donors to support ICAO air transport programmes in a responsible, consistent, transparent, efficient and timely manner. A State letter was subsequently issued to all Member States seeking contributions to the Fund.

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