Strategic Objective — Economic Development of Air Transport — Cooperation with Other United Nations Bodies

Implementation of Resolution A38-14 of the 38th Session of the ICAO Assembly and of ATConf/6 Recommendations

Facilitating Air Services Negotiations and Fostering Cooperation Between States (ICAN)

Infrastructure Management and Financing the Air Transport System

ICAO Aviation Data

Joint Financing Agreements

Cooperation with Other United Nations Bodies

Outreach and Awareness Activities

Voluntary Support for ICAO’s Work

Technical Cooperation and Assistance Projects (TCB)


Cooperation with Other United Nations Bodies


As recommended by the Aviation Data and Analysis Panel (ADAP), ICAO continued to coordinate its Statistics Programme with those of other international organizations. Work was done in collaboration with Airports Council International (ACI) with a view to developing a common airport traffic reporting form. ICAO and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) continued to work together to study the relationship between tourists and passengers.


Based on a Memorandum of Understanding between ICAO and the Universal Postal Union (UPU), an analysis of airline traffic and financial data was carried out and delivered to the UPU in order to calculate the basic rate applicable to the settlement of accounts between designated operators of UPU member countries, with respect to air mail conveyance. The deliverable generates revenue for ICAO.

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