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Global TBO Concept

​​The global TBO concept describes an ATM environment where the flown flight path is as close as possible to the user-preferred flight path by reducing potential conflicts and resolving demand/capacity imbalances earlier and more efficiently. In such an environment, a four-dimensional (4D) flight trajectory, collaboratively developed, managed and shared, would serve as a common reference for decision-making across all stakeholders. The concept also describes: 


    • the link with the sevent ATM operational concept components outlined in the GATMOC;
    • required capabilities for airspace users (AUs) and ATM service providers;
    • the increasing need for advanced automation and decision support systems; and
    • the process for transition that considers mixed mode environment.​ 

The evolution towards the full implementation of TBO is also an integral part of Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP), and the necessary capabilities and technologies for deployment are to be expressed through the Aviation Systems Block Upgrade (ASBU) framework. For more information on the global TBO concept, refer to the latest draft global TBO concept  and supporting operationaal scenarios available below:

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