Members of the Panel

The panels of the Air Navigation Commission (ANC) are technical groups of qualified experts formed by the ANC. The ANC invites the States and Organizations to nominate members and a number of States and Organizations may also request to nominate experts to the panel. The panel, generally, comprises of 15 – 20 members and the METP shall preferably be composed of experts involved in aeronautical MET and relevant atmospheric and geophysical sciences. In addition to the expertise mentioned above, members should be familiar with the relationship between aeronautical MET and ideally have expertise in one or more of the following disciplines:


  • Air Traffic Management
  • Aeronautical Information Management
  • Communication and Navigation
  • Flight Operations, Aerodrome Design and Operations
  • Education, Training and Personnel Competency
  • Quality Management
  • Safety Management
  • Regulatory Oversight


Panel participation is limited to members nominated by the States/Organizations, advisers who provide technical expertise to a panel member, observers designated by the States/Organizations, Secretariat- technical experts of ICAO. Each panel includes a Chairperson, elected by the panel members, panel Secretary and a Rapporteur. The panel members participate in their personal, expert capacity and not as representatives of their nominating States/Organizations.

The following States and Organizations have nominated experts as members of the METP:



​Argentina​Saudi Arabia
​AustraliaSouth Africa
​Bahrain​​United Kingdom
​CanadaUnited States
​Côte d'Ivoire​EUROCONTROL
​New Zealand​​Mexico  (Observer)
​Russian FederationNigeria (Observer)



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