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The international civil aviation organization works to promote the safe and secure development of civil aviation throughout the world, to foster and support the sustainable growth of air transport, and act as a global forum for its 193 member states. Furthermore, ICAO cooperates with its member states and key industry organizations to develop policies and standards, provide strategic guidance on critical issues, perform audits and studies and reports, and pursue targeted capacity building.


As such it can be concluded that ICAO’s mandate is centered on the betterment of Civil Aviation in all its aspects, as well as to act as a unifying force in the field of civil aviation and bring together parties from across the aviation industry to improve the standards and practices of aviation.


In line with this mandate, ICAO’s engagement in civil aviation scientific activities to foster the generation and sharing of ideas, to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge, and to enhance the value of its standards and recommended practices is necessary and timely.


Impacts & Benefits


This scientific review initiative promises strong impacts as follows:


  1. Increase awareness of ICAO's role in society,
  2. Support and help increase knowledge creation and sharing, facilitate the dissemination of civil aviation scientific and industry works,
  3. Create a centralized and powerful resource base of ideas and initiatives for future amendments and practices by enabling it to quickly monitor and measure outcomes of standards and recommended practices implementation,
  4. Provide an outlet (which does not exist now) for the rich knowledge assets (human, tools, methodologies, data, etc...) that ICAO possesses to reach all stakeholders beyond the member states,
  5. Build and expand a powerful knowledge network of professionals, experts, and educators to contribute to ICAO's mandate,
  6. Become a central repository of a wealth of intellectual property and knowledge globally dispersed, that is not being utilized in the industry, academia, and governments, and
  7. Disseminate Knowledge in the Civil Aviation sector in all of the UN languages (and building regional capacity at the same time), thereby increasing its reach and impact.


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