Capacity Building and Human Resources Development for the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals

​Developing the next generation of aviation professionals is nothing short of crucial to the sustainable future of global air transport operations. The terrific growth that is forecast for international civil aviation offers opportunities to each of our 193 Member States and calls for capacity building in all of them.


In terms of human resources specifically, this capacity building challenge is twofold: firstly, civil aviation is growing phenomenally and we must ensure this global expansion of air services is facilitated and well-managed. This is especially critical to the prosperity of many of the world's emerging economies.


Secondly, aviation has not been spared the demographic challenges which are impacting many industrial sectors, especially those in need of highly-skilled and technologically proficient recruits.


The answer to these challenges lies with ensuring that the barriers to entry for new civil aviation and aerospace professionals are minimalized as much as possible, and that sufficient training and other opportunities are available as needed. ICAO is undertaking pragmatic measures to address these issues, notably through our Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) programme, in conjunction with our Global Aviation Training Office.


NGAP is one of our key capacity building programmes targeting States. Working from identified international best practices, it provides States with tools and guidance for implementing effective strategies to attract, educate, and retain the pilots, controllers, maintenance workers needed to keep our network functioning in the coming decades, as well as the managers and leaders who will guide this growth, safely, securely and efficiently.


Success in this area depends on a free-flowing exchange of information amongst States, operators, training providers and other stakeholders, and this process is supported by a consortium of partner organizations who have identified specific NGAP issues that should be addressed and who are willing to commit resources to support related initiatives.


I am committed to ensuring the continued development of these essential partnerships, and to helping ensure that the air transport network of the future continues to foster peace, prosperity and expanded opportunities for citizens and businesses wherever aircraft fly.

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