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Model ICAO Council



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Working Paper – Report on First NGAP Symposium Conclusions

Model Council Working Paper Template


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ICAO has a 36 State permanent governing Council which meets regularly to debate and agree on the best courses of action regarding international civil aviation Standards and Recommended Practices.


The Council meets in a special chamber in ICAO which is one of the very few venues in the country which features simultaneous translation and other diplomatic trappings befitting our purpose and role.


As part of the 70th anniversary of the Chicago Convention and in parallel to the second ICAO Next Generation of Aviation Professionals Symposium this December, the first-ever ‘Model Council’ will be conducted.


The Model Council participants will discuss actions required to support and promote NGAP priorities, locally, regionally and globally, including all aspects of the projected shortages for skilled aviation workers and leaders and related challenges in terms of global and regional personnel training capacity, personnel retention, etc.




The Model Council is intended to engage selected university students and young professionals in considering and developing strategies to support access in their States/regions for training and other resources sufficient enough to permit them to be eligible for aviation professions.


The chosen candidates will be encouraged to consider how this could be accomplished unilaterally, cooperatively, and in partnership with ICAO and other international organizations. They will also be encouraged to consider not only matters relating to attracting NGAPs to available positions, but also their retention and career development over the longer-term.


Expectations of Model Council participants:


  • They will role play as an ICAO Council representative 
  • They will research, write and present a working paper and problem solve with their NGAP Model Council colleagues while in session
  • They will work towards consensus-building, conflict resolution and cooperation, thereby developing leadership skills
  • They will develop multinational, cross-cultural relationships with future aviation leaders


Who will participate:


  • One representative representing each Council Member State, between 18 and 30 years old at the time of the Model Council. The participant could be either a working NGAP or student.
  • Ideally every effort would be made to ensure equalized gender representation.
  • In the case where a Council Member State cannot present a participant, participants from local universities would be recruited.  .


Working Paper requirements:


Of the 36 papers submitted by the participants, three papers will be selected for presentation at the Mock Council. The selection process will be made on the basis of an anonymous voting process amongst the candidates themselves.

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