AFI Planning and Implementation Regional Group (APIRG)

AFI OPMET Management Risk Task Force (AFI OPMET MTF)
 Third Meeting (AFI OPMET MTF/3)
(Dakar, Senegal, 27 - 28 June 2011) 






Letter of Invitation



Information Papers



Working Papers

​WP No.

​Agenda Item



​WP/1 - Provisional Agenda
​​WP/2 2 Review of MTF/2 Recommendations, MET/SG/9 and APIRG/17 Conclusions and Decisions Related to OPMET
​WP/3 ​3 a) Review of AFI Regional SIGMET Guide
Appendix A
​- ​Africa and Indian Ocean (AFI) Regional SIGMET Guide
WP/4 ​3 b) Review of the AMBEX Handbook
- AFI MET Bulletins Exchange (AMBEX) Handbook


​3 b)

​Implementation Status of the Decisions and Recommendations of AFI OPMET MTF/2 and APIRG/17 Meetings


3 b)

Implementation of the AMBEX Scheme by RODB Pretoria


3 c)


Development of the AFI OPMET Database Catalogue


​- AFI OPMET DB Catalogue Section 1


​3 c)

​AFI ICD Implementation Report

WP/9 3 d)

Review of the AFI FASID Tables MET 1A and 2A from SADISOPSG/16 Meeting

Appendix A

Attachment A - Proposed Amendments to OPMET Information

Appendix B
- Appendix B - Draft Amendment to OPMET Information from Non-AOP Aerodromes

Regional Plan for Transition to XML Coded OPMET Information


Review of Terms of Reference, Work Programme and Composition of the AFI OPMET MTF

​WP/12 3 b)


Development of a Back Up Procedure for the AFI RODBS

​WP/13 ​3 b)

​AFI Meteorological Bulletin Exchange (AMBEX Scheme)

Appendix A

​Appendix A - AMBEX Collection and Dissemination of METAR (SA) Bulletins

Appendix B
​- Appendix B - AMBEX Collection and Dissemination of Long TAF (FT) Bulletins


Appendix C
​- ​Appendix C - WMO Abbreviated Headings (for use in AMBEX messages and bulletins)

​WP/14 ​3 a) ​Review of the AFI Regional SIGMET Guide
​WP/15 ​3 b) ​Data Management Between ROC Toulouse, Dakar and Pretoria IROGS
WP/16 ​3 b) ​Monitoring Results of Received AFI Data
Appendix 1
​- ​Appendix 1 to WP/16
Appendix 1(B)
​- ​Appendix 1 to WP/16 (B)
Appendix 1(C)
​- ​Appendix 1 to WP/16 (C) Ambex Plan
Appendix 1(D)
​- ​Appendix 1 to WP/16 (D) Ambex
Appendix 2
​- ​Appendix 2 to WP/16
​WP/17 ​3b) ​The Contents of AMBEX bulletins
Information Papers 
IP No.
​Agenda Item
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​IP/1 ​-

​Information Bulletin

​IP/2 -​


Provisional List of Working/Information Papers

​IP/3 ​- Provisional ​Working Arrangements for the Meeting
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