AFI Planning and Implementation Regional Group (APIRG)

The Sixth Meeting of the APIRG Communications Sub-Group
(Nairobi, Kenya, 24 - 26 September 2002) 



Report /Rapport







Working Papers/Notes de travail

​WP # 

No. de WP




WP/1 Draft Agenda

Terms of Reference, Work Programme and Composition as Defined by APIRG/13


Follow up of APIRG/13 Conclusions and Decisions
​WP/4 Aeronautical Fixed Service
​WP/5 Review of the Report of the First Meeting of the ATN Planning Task Force
​WP/6 Implementation of AFS Requirements between Accra, Brazzaville and Luanda FIRs
WP/7 Update on Implementation and Upgrading of AFISNET Network 
​WP/8 ​SADC VSAT Network Status and Development
​WP/9 ​CAFSAT VSAT Network Status and Development
​WP/10 ​Interconnection between ASECNA and SADC VSAT Networks
​WP/11 ​Update on the North Eastern AFI VSAT Network (NAFISAT)
​WP/12 ​Aeronautical Fixed Service (AFS)
​WP/13 ​Aeronautical Mobile Service (AMS)
​WP/14 ​Extension of the CAFSAT Network
​​WP/15 ​Communications between Alger and ASECNA Area
WP/16 ​Service de radionavigation aéronautique (ARNS)
​WP/17 ​Review of ICAO Position and Preparations for the ITU WRC-2003 Meeting
Information Papers/Notes d'information
IP # 
No. de IP
​ ​
​IP/3 List of Working/Information Papers
​IP/4 ​Review of ICAO Position and Preparation for the ITU WRC-2003 Meeting 
​IP/5 ​VSAT Networks Interconnection
​IP/6 ​Radio Navigation Services
​IP/7 ​Communications Facilities in the Canary Islands
​IP/8 ​CAFSAT Two Hop Link Test on Voice Communication
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