AFI Planning and Implementation Regional Group (APIRG)

Tenth Meeting of the Air Traffic Services/Aeronautical Information Services/Search and Rescue/Sub-Group (ATS/AIS/SAR SG/10)
(Dakar, Senegal, 12 – 15 May 2009)

Dixième réunion du Sous-groupe services de la circulation aérienne/services d'information aéronautique/recherche et sauvetage (ATS/AIS/SAR SG/10)
(Dakar, Sénégal, 12 – 15 mai 2009) 






​Letter of Invitation 
Lettre d'invitation






Working Papers / Notes de travail

​WP No.

No. de WP


Title or Agenda Item

Titre ou Point de l'ordre du jour


Langue ​
​WP/1 Provisional Agenda
​​WP/2.GEN Air Navigation — General / Point 2 de l'ordre du jour
WP/2.ATM Air Traffic Management
​WP/2.PBN Performance-Based Navigation
WP/2.RVSM Safety Assessments and Reduced Minimum Vertical Separation
​WP/3 ​Agenda Item 3 / Point 3 de l'ordre du jour
​​WP/3 ​Appendix A / Appendice A
​​WP/3 ​Appendix B / Appendice B
​​WP/3 ��Appendix C / Appendice C
​WP/4 ​Agenda Item 2
​WP/5 ​Agenda Item 5
​WP/6 Agenda Item 2


Agenda Item 7 / Point 7 de l'ordre du jour


Agenda Item 8 / Point 8 de l'ordre du jour
​WP/8 ​Appendix A



Agenda Item 9 / Point 9 de l'ordre du jour


Agenda Item 10 / Point 10 de l'ordre du jour
​WP/10 ​Appendix A / Appendice A


 Agenda Item 11 / Point 10 de l'ordre du jour

​WP/11 Appendix A ​Appendix A – ATM Deficiencies
​WP/11 Appendix B ​Appendix B – SAR Deficiencies
WP/11 Appendix C ​Appendix C – AIS Deficiencie
​WP/12 ​Changes to the ICAO Flight Plan – 2012
​WP/13 ​Implementation of Strategic Lateral Offset Procedures in the AFI Region
​WP/14 ​Managing Fuel Savings and Environmental Issues of Air Transportation
​WP/15 ​Implementation of Performance-Based Navigation in the AFI Region
​WP/16 ​Implementation of the Area Control Service in the AFI Region
​WP/17 ​Agenda Item 8
​WP/18 ​Users Air Route Requirements Catalogue
​WP/19 ​Implementation of Direct Transitions to/from AORRA Airspace
​WP/20 ​Addressing Air Navigation Deficiencies in the AFI Region
​WP/21 ​Agenda Item 11
​WP/22 ​Enhancement of Ground – Ground Communications in the AFI Region
​WP/23 ​Operational Approvals for PBN Navigation Specifications
​WP/24 ​Improvement of RNAV Routes UM214 and UM245
​WP/25 ​Point 7 de l'ordre du jour
​WP/26 ​Gestion de l'espace aérien du Mali
Information Papers / Notes d'information 
Information Papers
IP No.
No. de IP
Langue ​
​IP/1 Rev. 1

Rev. 1 – Preliminary List of Working and Information Papers

​IP/2 ​Tentative Schedule of Work / Programme de travail provisionnel
​IP/3 ​Working Papers/Agenda Item
​IP/4 ​PBN Implementation Project
​IP/5 ​Point 5 de l'ordre du jour
​IP/6 ​Point 7 de l'ordre du jour
​IP/7 ​Point 8 de l'ordre du jour
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