Third Meeting of the Africa-Indian Ocean Regional


Aviation Safety Group (RASG-AFI/3)


(Yamoussoukro, Côte d'ivoire 3 - 4 December 2015)



Invitation Letter / Lettre d'invitation (pdf)
Registration Form / Formulaire d'enregistrement (Word)
Attachment A1 : Tentative Agenda / Pièce jointe A1 : Ordre du jour provisoire
Explanatory notes / Notes explicatives







Agenda Item

WP/1 1 Tentative Agenda
WP/2 2 Election of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons
WP/3.1 3.1 Second meeting of RASG-AFI (RASG-AFI/02)
WP/3.2 3.2  Conclusions and Decisions of RASC.1
WP/4.1 4 Safety Support Team - Signifiant Safety Concerns (SSCs)
WP/4.2 4 Implementation of Runway Safety Project
WP/4.3 4 Loss Of Control - IN FLIGHT (LOC-I)
          Appendix I
          Appendix II
WP/4.4 4 Update on the Fundamentals of Safety Oversight (FSO)
          Appendix I
WP/4.5 4 Aircraft Accident Investigation (AIG) Project
WP/4.6 4 IOSA Implementation Status
WP/4.7 4  Annual Safety Report Team (ASRT)
          Appendix I - AFI Safety Report
WP/5 5 Update on AFI Safety Targets
AFCAC Presentation
WP/6.1 6 AFI Plan and other safety Initiatives
WP/7-1 7 APIRG / RASG-AFI Coordination
WP/7-2 7
Outcome of the APIRG/20 Meeting
WP/8 8 Proposed RASG Activities for 2016
          Appendix I
IP/1 List of Working Papers & Information Papers
IP/2 Information Bulletin / Bulletin d'information
IP/3 Activities of other RASG-AFI/3
IP/4 Implementation and review of GASP
Report of the meeting
          Appendix A - List of Conclusions & Decisions
          Appendix B - RASG AFI Structure
          Appendix C - RASG-AFI Activities for 2016
          Appendix D - List of Participants


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