Interconnexion of ASS

Workshop on the Interconnexion of the Aeronautical Surveillance Systems,

Dakar, Senegal, 14 - 16 April 2014





Lettre d'invitation
Formulaire d'inscription
Pièces Jointes: Draft Agenda, Information Bulletin, Map & List of Hotels



Working Papers



# Title language
WP 1 Provisional Agenda and Draft Work Programme
WP 2 Surveillance systems SSR  
WP 3 Surveillance systems ADS-C
WP 4 Surveillance systems ADS- B
WP 5 Surveillance systems Mlat
WP 6 Planning Criteria_Coordination_II Code Assign.
WP 6 BIS codes assignment criteria
WP 7 Update on the AFI Strategy of implementation of Surveillance Systems
APPENDIX Update on the AFI_ASI_ strategy
WP 8 Review of the current AFI surveillances systems
APPENDIX A Current Status Impl. SUR.
APPENDIX B SUR. Survey  Template
WP 9 Trials and implementations actions on Aeronautical surveillances systems
WP 10 Review of the Recommendations of ICAO 12th  AN Conference on Aeronautical Surveillance
WP 11 Regional Commitment
WP 12 BIS Planning criteria  coordination II code assignment
WP 12 TER Planning criteria  coordination II code assignment
WP 13 Interconnection  MSSR  ATM_ASECNA








IP 1 Information Bulletin
IP 2 List of WPs & IPs
IP 3 ICAO Pogr._SSR S II codes
IP 4 Work Programme



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