Seventh Meeting of the CAFSAT Network Management Committee (CNMC/7)

Paris, France, 5 - 9 June 2017



Report of the Meeting


​      APPENDIX A -  CNMC 7_Attendance_List
​      APPENDIX B - Follow up CNMC 6 Conclusion and Decisions
​      APPENDIX C 1 - Performance of DKR and NKC Nodes
​      APPENDIX C 2 - Performance ST Maria and Lisbon nodes
​      APPENDIX D - Minutes  CAFSAT JTT
​      APPENDIX E ToRs of CNMC







​WP/2​Follow up CNMC 6 Conclusions and Decisions
​WP/3​CAFSAT_ Stat. Portugal
​WP/4​Outcome of CAFSAT Coordination Meeting
 ​App A -
​App B - Minutes  CAFSAT JTT
​WP/5​CAFSAT_modernization and reengineering_phase II
​WP/9​Review the performance of CAFSAT earth stations and the operational
statistics of Availability for supported links
​WP/10​ Implementation of AFI RAN Recommendations 6-19
​WP/11​Aviation Frequency Spectrum and ITU WRC
​WP/12​Draft ICAO Position for ITU WRC-19




​IP/1​List of WPs and IPs


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