Second meeting of the AFI Region AIM Implementation Task Force

(Nairobi, Kenya, 17 - 19 December 2012)


Agenda Item

1-Provisional Agenda
22Review of the Reports of APIRG/17& 18, and Follow-up on APIRG/17 & 18 Conclusions and Decisions Relevant to the AFI AIM Implementation Task Force




34.1Review and update of the list of deficiencies in the air navigation fields - AIM



Appendix A
Appendix B
44Proposed amendment to AFI ANP/FASID DOC 7474, Vol. I and II, on new AIM tables to be introduced in the E-ANP



55Development of National Performance Framework for the
implementation of AIM on the bases of the Aviation System Block Upgrades methodology (ASBU) and its impact on the e-ANP





66Aeronautical Information Management (AIM)
77Updates on the implementation of the AFI-CAD Business Plan as per Appendix 3.6 I (AFI-CAD Doc. 007) of the APIRG/17 Report



88Review of the Proposal for Amendment 37 to Annex 15 and Consequential Amendments to Annexes 11 and 14, Volumes I and II as endorsed by the Air Navigation Commission on 26 June 2012





9-Summary of the results of the Fifth Meeting of the ICAO AIS-AIMSG and related comments concerning the activities of the ICAO AIS-AIMSG Ad-hoc Group on AIM Development and the Ad-hoc Group on Aeronautical Charting





10-Deploy AIM to open the door for innovations



1-Information Bulletin / Bulletin d'information
2-Draft list of Information and Discussion Papers (IPs/DPs)
3-Tentative schedule of work
4-Aeronautical information management (AIM) AIRAC adherence
5-Summary of discussions AIS-AIMSG/5-SoD - Fifth Meeting
6-Summary of discussions AIS-AIMSG/5-SoD - Sixth Meeting
7-Proposals for amendments to Annex 15 and consequential amendments to Annexes 4, 11 and 14, Volumes I and II / Propositions d'amendement de l’Annexe 15 et d'amendements corrélatifs des Annexes 4, 11 et 14 (Volumes I et II)





8-Review of National Plans submitted by states in accordance with the Roadmap for the transition from AIS to AIM and a review of the current status in AFI region




9Report of the Committee to the Conference on Agenda Item 3




                       Report of the 2nd Meeting of the AFI AIM Implementation Task Force 




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