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Seminar/Workshop on the implementation of the Flight Procedures Programme
for the AFI Region (AFI-FPP)
Séminaire/Atelier sur la mise en œuvre du Programme de Procédures de Vols
pour la région AFI (AFI-FPP)
(Dakar, Senegal, 26-28 March 2014)
Invitation Letter
Registration Form
Information Bulletin
Hotel List
List of participants
AFI-FPP Introduction
Business Case
Business Case - Handout
PBN Plan
IFP QA Presentation
Issues and Concerns
Quality Assurance
Safety GNSS
Niger Presentation
PBN Concept Overview
AFI-FPP presentation MADANGUI
AFI-FPP PBN Implementation feedback
AFI-FPP - conceptual design, ground validation
Charting - Publication -Maintenance
Operational impact, approval and training_Airbus ProSky
PBN GNSS TF3 - States Status - PBN Plans
Presentation CEV_AFI _FPP
Kenya Presentation
          - ENR-6.3
          - GNSSSTAR_RWY06
          - GNSS_SIDRWY06
          - HKML_GNSS RWY 17
          - HKOK_GNSSRWY09
          - RNAV_APPRWY06
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