Government Safety Inspector (GSI)





The Government Safety Inspector (GSI) Training Programme has been developed in order to ensure a high-level of quality and standardization in the training of government safety inspectors globally.




Courses under this programme have been developed to address shortcomings identified in audits conducted under the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme (USOAP) related to the lack of qualified technical personnel to carry-out safety oversight responsibilities. Government Safety Inspector (GSI) courses are conducted by ICAO-Endorsed GSI Training Centres and developed using the Model Civil Aviation Regulations (MCARs)


FAA-ICAO GSI Training Centres:

A List of FAA-ICAO GSI Training Centres around the world



GSI Courses available:


  • Government Safety Inspector Operations- Air Operator Certification (GSI-Ops), Course 18700

  • Government Safety Inspector Airworthiness- Air Operator and Approved Maintenance Organization Certification (GSI-Air), Course 18701

  • Government Safety Inspector Personnel- Personnel Licensing (GSI-PEL), Course 18710

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