Duration: 7 days

Short description:

Course where graduates will be able to conduct AVSEC courses and be fully versed in the general application of training principles, the preparation of appropriate teaching aids, and the tailoring of course material to harmonize course objectives with local and national requirements. It is intended for any aviation personnel who require AVSEC instruction guidance and materials.

Target population:

Any personnel involved in the development, management and/or instruction of training materials related to a civil aviation security training programme. Management, supervisors and personnel involved in the instruction of aviation security including:

  • State's Appropriate Authority for Aviation Security involved in the instructional duties or implementation of training programmes;
  • Airport operators;
  • Aviation security services providers; and
  • Other government or industry elements directly involved in the implementation of security measures.

Course objectives:

Enable selected personnel to:

  • apply general principals of learning and instruction;
  • to determine training objectives and devise tests to evaluate progress towards their achievements;
  • to decide on the instructional method, individual or group tuition, best suited to the course;
  • to plan and implement courses of instruction;
  • to select, prepare and use appropriate teaching aids; and
  • use validated, material-dependent course materials, such as TRAINAIR Standardized Training Packages (STPs).

Entry requirements:

Participants should satisfy the following criteria: 

  • have written and oral command of the language of instruction;
  • knowledge of aviation security with a minimum of 5 years' experience in aviation, with no less than 2 years operational experience in aviation security;
  • currently assigned as an instructor or pending assignment as an instructor upon successful completion of this course; and
  • working knowledge of Annex 17 and the ICAO Aviation Security Manual (Doc 8973 -Restricted).
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