Duration: 12 days

Short description                           


Target population                                        

Course designed to train base or entry-level airport security personnel to enforce, monitor and apply airport security measures in accordance with locally approved programmes, and to communicate and cooperate with other airport agencies. The course should be followed by a minimum of six months of practical experience working under the guidance of a qualified AVSEC supervisor in the field. 


The target population will be new entrants and existing personnel at the basic level employed by the authority or organization primarily responsible for the application of aviation security preventive measures at airports and from such other aviation related agencies engaged in support activities.



Course objectives                           

Entry requirements                                     

Enable selected security personnel to:       

  • work in and move about an airport safely;
  • communicate and cooperate with other airport agencies;
  • control the movement of people and vehicles by means of access control techniques and systems;
  • guard and patrol airport vulnerable areas, facilities and aircraft;
  • recognize weapons and explosive/incendiary devices;
  • inspect/screen/search passengers and baggage;
  • respond to airport emergency situations; and
  • escort people and consignments.


Trainees should satisfy the following criteria:  

  • have written and oral command of the language of instruction.

  • be engaged within organizations mentioned in the target population.












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