AVSEC Instructor Training and Certification

 An important component of ISD-SEC activities is the provision and/or coordination of aviation security training. In order to maintain the quality and standardization of AVSEC training, ISD-SEC has established a process to assist in this regard.
The Instructors Certification Course is designed to identify personnel with established AVSEC experience and demonstrated instructional skills who will be used to present ICAO-sponsored AVSEC training in support of the Implementation Support and Development–Security (ISD–SEC) instructional staff within the Aviation Security Training Centre network.
The course requires students to successfully obtain a pass grade on a subject-matter expert (SME) examination based on ICAO Annex 17, the Aviation Security Manual (Doc 8973 Restricted) and ICAO training materials. Additionally, students must successfully demonstrate instructional skills by utilizing material from the Aviation Security Training Packages (ASTPs). Successful students will be granted the designation as an ICAO AVSEC Certified Instructor. AVSEC Instructor certification activities are conducted with the objective of establishing a roster of instructors representing as wide a geographical base as possible, and in sufficient numbers to maintain the established ASTC training schedule.
As of July 2013, Annex 17 Standard  3.1.7 will require all Member States to have a training programme and an instructional certification system for aviation security instructors. ISD-SEC and the ASTC network regularly provide the ASTP Instructors Course to assist in this regard.  The ASTP Instructors Course teaches students basic instructional skills utilizing the ASTPs. The students can then return to the State equipped with the knowledge to teach aviation security subject matter courses. However, the participants are not “certified” as instructors. Each State is responsible for certifying their own instructors, in line with their respective National Civil Aviation Security Programmes. 
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