B-Fin-111-PKD Fee Schedule 2015.pdfB-Fin-111-PKD Fee Schedule 2015
B-Fin-123-PKD Fee Schedule 2016.pdfB-Fin-123-PKD Fee Schedule 2016
B-Fin-137-PKD Fee Schedule 2017-final.pdfB-Fin-137-PKD Fee Schedule 2017-final
B-Fin-150-PKD Fee Schedule 2018.pdfB-Fin-150-PKD Fee Schedule 2018
B-Fin-162-PKD Fee Schedule 2019.pdfB-Fin-162-PKD Fee Schedule 2019
B-Fin-179-PKD Fee Schedule 2020.pdfB-Fin-179-PKD Fee Schedule 2020
B-Fin-191-PKD Fee Schedule 2021.pdfB-Fin-191-PKD Fee Schedule 2021
B-Fin-205-PKD Fee Schedule 2022.pdfB-Fin-205-PKD Fee Schedule 2022
B-Fin-222-PKD Fee Schedule 2023.pdfB-Fin-222-PKD Fee Schedule 2023
B-Fin-232-PKD Fee Schedule 2024.pdfB-Fin-232-PKD Fee Schedule 2024


PKD – Procedural and Technical Information


The PKD Interface Specifications are provided to prospective PKD Participants after submission of their Notice of Participation to the ICAO Secretariat and payment of the Registration Fee.


Some technical information such as generic Interface Specifications may be made available to prospective PKD Participants upon request.


Procedural  documents relating to the operation of the ICAO PKD, including the Regulations for the ICAO Public Key Directory and the Procedures for the ICAO Public Key Directory are available for download at PKD Documents.


The management of these various technical documents, including considering and approving amendments to them, is the responsibility of the PKD Board.


PKD Data Download


​PKD Video


PKD-Related Project Documentation

Automated Border Control (ABC) systems can significantly improve efficiency and security of border management processes when properly implemented. In order for such benefits to be realized, it is vital that electronic Machine Readable Travel Documents (eMRTDs) presented to ABC systems are fully validated and that the digital signature is properly verified. There is, as a result, an important link between deployment of ABC systems and participation in the ICAO PKD.

ICAO Annex 9 Recommended Practice 3.33.5 indicates that data from the PKD should be used to validate eMRTDs during their processing in ABC systems.

In order to allow State authorities, airport authorities and other interested parties to undertake a cost-benefit analysis for the deployment of ABCs in their facilities, ICAO has developed a Cost-Benefit Analysis Tool for ABC systems. Further information on this tool is available here.

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