Pilot project - Use of the ICAO PKD by the Private Sector


In support of aviation's recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, a pilot has been launched to trial use of PKD content within private sector solutions and services

ICAO, in strong collaboration with the entire aviation community, has worked tirelessly to support aviation's restart and sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further to these efforts, the ICAO PKD Board has agreed to the use of the ICAO PKD data within operations of private sector entities involved in the validation of electronic documents and health proofs as a pilot project. The project was launched in May 2021. Initial issuance of authorization to those expressing interest and fulfilling all necessary conditions is anticipated soon.

Under this pilot project, authorized entities are permitted to use PKD data obtained from the public PKD data download website and the public ICAO Master List download site for travel-related activities only and solely for an initial period of six months

Interested parties are invited to express interest in participating by latest 31 July 2021 by contacting icao-pkd@icao.int.

Authorization can be provided only following signature of a legal agreement confirming adherence to the terms of the pilot (to be made available through this website shortly). It will be provided free of charge to all qualifying pilot participants.

Additional information

1. The Legal Agreement

The legal agreement establishes permissions for usage of ICAO PKD data, outlines the time periods for such usage, and assures the deletion of such data at the end of the trial period. Any copying, reproduction, republishing, broadcasting or transmission of data outside of the entity's own products - already prohibited under the general Terms and Conditions associated with all data downloads from the afore-mentioned sites - will continue to be prohibited. Usage will only be possible to support travel use cases, and authorization will only be provided to entities engaged in such work. The agreement also requires pilot participants to provide feedback to ICAO following this trial period in order to inform further steps on this matter. 

A designated representative from the commercial entity must sign this agreement prior to any authorization for commercial use of PKD data being provided.

2. Data available

All data included in the ICAO PKD is available to pilot participants. This includes the CSCA public key certificates of participants available in the ICAO Master List and those made available by States in their own Master Lists, eMRTD Document Signer Certificates, Certificate Revocation Lists and Deviation Lists.

Use is possible for the authentication of electronic travel documents and Visible Digital Seal based public health proofs within processes for travel.

ICAO has published Technical Specifications for a "Visible Digital Seal for non-constrained environments", that can be used for both testing and vaccination certificates in travel, as outlined in the "GUIDELINES Visible Digital Seals ("VDS-NC") for Travel-Related Public Health Proof".

CSCA certificates available in the ICAO PKD can be used to authenticate travel-related Visible Digital Seals. Authorization of use of the PKD data by commercial entities is intended to support their quick development of tools for the verification of health proofs related to COVID-19 and/or their involvement in such verification should States require their support in these efforts.

For more information or to participate in this project, please contact icao-pkd@icao.int


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