Facilitation Panel

​The FAL Panel (FALP), established in 1995, plays a critical role in the accomplishment of the Programme’s priorities, as it helps to ensure that Annex 9 is kept current. The FALP which is currently composed of experts nominated by thirty-two Member States, as well as the Airports Council International (ACI) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as permanent observers, provides expertise in the development of new or revised SARPs, complemented by guidance material.


For the development and improvement of SARPs and guidance material, ICAO utilizes a pyramidal development flow. At the base of this structure are the FAL “contacts” designated by Contracting States, who collectively comprise an informal network for communicating with ICAO on various facilitation matters. FAL regional meetings then develop concepts for consideration by the FAL Panel, on which sit facilitation experts nominated by 32 States, as well as industry observers. The FAL Panel considers reports by working groups and submits its recommendations to the ICAO Air Transport Committee and Council for approval.

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