Aviation Security Training Packages (ASTPs)

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This twelve-day course is designed to train base or entry-level airport security personnel to enforce, monitor and apply airport security measures in accordance with locally approved programmes, and to communicate and cooperate with other airport agencies. The course should be followed by a minimum of six months of practical experience working under the guidance of a qualified Aviation Security supervisor in the field.


This seven-day course is designed for personnel involved in the development, management and/or instruction of training materials related to a civil aviation security training programme. Those who successfully complete this course will be well versed in the general application of training principles, the preparation of appropriate teaching aids and the tailoring of course material to harmonize course objectives with local and national requirements. Participants will be tested during the course on their general knowledge of Annex 17 and the Aviation Security Manual (Doc 8973 – Restricted) as well as asked to present material from ICAO’s Aviation Security Training Packages. It is therefore advisable that nominees have a foundation of AVSEC knowledge and exposure to AVSEC training material prior to attending this course.



This five-day course is designed to provide personnel responsible for the development, implementation and oversight of air cargo and mail security measures with an understanding of Annex 17 cargo related Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), their relationship to aviation security programmes, the importance of maintaining a secure supply chain, and the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder involved in the process of securing cargo and mail against acts of unlawful interference.



This seven-day course is designed to provide aviation security personnel with theoretical and practical knowledge of audits and inspections as part of a National Quality Control system. Participants who successfully complete this course will be prepared to plan, coordinate and conduct quality control measures utilizing Annex 17 and ICAO methodology in accordance with approved programmes.


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