ECCAIRS Training

This course has been developed by ICAO in order to support the State Safety Programmes (SSP) and Safety Management Systems (SMS) on data collection, analysis and exchange of information among States.


Aimed at Accident Investigators, Statistical Analysts and Experts in Information Technology.

Two modes: 


  • Course scheduled and published annually by the Regional Office.
  • As request of States and Operators, flexible content according to the requirements of States. 


Training in the South American Region


  • 3 in the Regional Office.
  • 5 States of the South American Region.
  • 8 courses in total.
  • The last course conducted provided the migration to version 5.
  • Approximately 210 participants.
  • Training on ECCAIRS to the SAM States since 2007.


Next course ECCAIRS


  • 1 to 5 September 2014.
  • Publication of the convening letter approximately June 2014.
  • States are invited to nominate delegates with a official letter aimed to the Director of the Regional Office.
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