Annex 8 - Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation
Tenth Edition, July 2010​




Database and preventive actions


8.1 A State shall establish and maintain an accident and incident database to facilitate the effective analysis of information on actual or potential safety deficiencies and to determine any preventive actions required.

Note.— Additional information on which to base preventive actions may be contained in the Final Reports on accidents and incidents that have been investigated.

8.2 Recommendation.— State authorities responsible for the implementation of the SSP should have access to the accident and incident database referenced in 8.1 to support their safety responsibilities.

Note.— An accident and incident database may be included in a safety database, which may refer to a single or multiple database(s). Further provisions on a safety database are contained in Annex 19 — Safety Management. Additional guidance is also included in the Safety Management Manual (SMM) (Doc 9859).

8.3 Recommendation.— In addition to safety recommendations arising from accident and incident investigations,
safety recommendations may result from diverse sources, including safety studies. If safety recommendations are addressed to an organization in another State, they should also be transmitted to that State’s investigation authority.


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