RASG-PA Safety Advisory (RSA)


RSA​​ Title ​Date ​Language ​
RSA-05 ​​Closing of DIP RE/09 – Specific Training for Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers to Avoid Unstabilized Approaches ​15/06/15

​Standardization of Spanish and English ATC Phraseology in Accordance with the ICAO PANS ATM ,(Doc 4444)

RSA-03 Closing of DIP RE/08 – Guidance for Maintaining Runways in Accordance with ICAO Annex 14- ​30/04/14
RSA-02 ​Closing of Detailed Implementation Plans (DIPs) ​23/12/13
RSA-01 ​Mode Awareness and Energy State Management Aspects of Flight Deck Automation ​01/09/13


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