High-Level Safety Conference to Focus on Developing Proactive Global Safety Strategy

ICAO Headquarters

999 University
Montréal, Canada
29 March – 1 April 2010
A High-level Safety Conference at ICAO Headquarters in Montreal will bring together Directors General of Civil Aviation and stakeholders of ICAO Member States to build consensus, obtain commitments and formulate recommendations deemed necessary for the effective and efficient progress of key safety activities by ICAO.
Over the past decade or so, the number of fatal accidents and associated fatalities has consistently dropped despite an increase in traffic.  This progress, however, hides the fact that there remain significant differences in safety levels between States. Given the projected increase in traffic over the coming decade and beyond, which will amplify this problem, action must be taken now to develop strategies that improve safety on a global level while also reducing the variance that exists among States.
The four-day meeting will focus on transparency and sharing of safety-related information among States and industry organizations and cover the following major themes: the foundations for global aviation safety; towards the proactive management of safety; and supporting safety issues.
At the conclusion of each day’s session, a summary of discussions and proposals will be posted to this webpage – ICAO News Centre. A final communiqué will be issued at the conclusion of the meeting. Documentation and presentations relating to the meeting are accessible to the news media on the ICAO website:  www2.icao.int/en/HLSC

For additional information, please contact:

Sue-Ann Rapattoni
ICAO Communications Office
Tel: + 1 (514) 954 8221          


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