South Korea extends support for ICAO Aircraft Registration Network

​ICAO Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu (left) and South Korea’s Ms. Hyun-mee KIM, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, of the Republic of Korea, at the ARN ceremony earlier today.

ICAO was pleased to appreciate today a new commitment on behalf of the South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT), of the Republic of Korea, which formalized its assurance to provide technical expertise in support of the new ICAO Aircraft Registration Network (ARN).


The ARN will support the implementation of Article 21 of the Chicago Convention with respect to States registered aircraft data, and will also assist States in addressing the rapid increase in unmanned aircraft (UA).

It will function on the basis of a network of connected aircraft registries which will consolidate pertinent information on the global fleet of both manned and unmanned aircraft, and enable valuable new inter-State services.


A critical element of the ARN is the standardization of aircraft terminology in relation to manufacturers and the make and model of any air vehicle.


Common taxonomies and definitions establish a standard industry language to improve the quality of data management and communication.


The current process to manage a common aircraft classification taxonomy needs to evolve into the digital domain to support consistency between individual aircraft registries. This foundation will provide ICAO Member States with the required compatibility to connect their aircraft registries to the ARN and benefit from the subsequent inter-State operability services planned by ICAO.


This will include over time, sanitized statistical data on aircraft and UA fleets, facilitation of aircraft cross-border transfers, oversight of delegated UA operators, and the facilitation of international UA operations.

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