NACC Regional Office culminates 60th Anniversary

To culminate the 60th Anniversary of the ICAO NACC Regional Office in Mexico City, which was celebrated throughout 2017, ICAO Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu (top, centre) met with the office’s Regional Director Mr. Melvin Cintron (top, far left) and staff (bottom) last week to deliver a much-appreciated message on how ICAO must be more transformational and focused on performance- and results-oriented approaches.


Dr. Liu underscored that this is what States expect from ICAO, and that it is what the Organization is delivering – in large part through improved Regional Office support under the No Country Left Behind initiative. She also expressed the commitment of ICAO’s Leadership to the Organization’s staff,  and congratulated the NACC team for its exemplary results in 2017.


Ambassadors, Directors General of Civil Aviation, Industry leaders and NGOs participated in the Mexico City ceremonies, including ICAO’s former Council President, Mr. Roberto Kobeh González (top, centre left).


A main highlight of the celebration was the NACC office’s “60 Opportunities for young women in aviation” initiative, whereby it sought to have States and organizations commit to creating or providing at least 60 new opportunities for bringing young women into aviation technical field as well as creating executive positions for women already in the aviation field, in keeping with the ICAO and United Nations’ vision on gender equality. The initiative was able to meet its goals and all that took a leadership role in making these results happen were duly congratulated.  It was attended by the Director General of Mexico’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Mr. Miguel Peláez Lira (top, centre right), and Ms. Shaesta Waiz (top, far right),  founder of Dreams Soar, an initiative to encourage women to pursue studies and careers in aviation.


While in Mexico for these events, Dr. Liu met with the Minister of Tourism of Mexico, Mr. Enrique de la Madrid, and discussed the important inter-relationship between tourism and aviation, as well as the contributions of each to sustainable economic development. The Secretary General also visited Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where she met with its Director General for the United Nations, Ambassador Luis Javier Campuzano and thanked the State for its continued hosting support for the NACC Regional Office.


She lastly attended the official opening of the Aviation Photo gallery in Mexico City Airport’s Terminal II, curated and coordinated by the Mexican Service Provider, SENEAM. 

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