ICAO Council President Addresses First World ATM Congress

ICAO Council President Roberto Kobeh González delivering the keynote address to the first World ATM Congress in Madrid on 12 February.


MONTRÉAL, 18 February – ICAO Council President Roberto Kobeh González told the first World ATM Congress in Madrid that the only way to achieve the ultimate air traffic management goal of “one sky” for the world is through global cooperation and a paradigm shift on State sovereignty.


“We must now consider sovereignty within the context of the global, harmonized air navigation framework we want to implement. We need to think in global, systemic terms. Airspace structures can no longer be based only on national and domestic considerations. Major efficiency gains will be attained through global integration rather than by rigid boundary structures. We need to focus on international rather than on purely national requirements,” he told the CANSO-sponsored event.


Kobeh stressed the consensus reached at last November’s Twelfth Air Navigation Conference (AN Conf/12) on a globally coordinated strategy for achieving ATM objectives to reduce air traffic congestion, through a process of Block Upgrades recognizing the plans of individual States or regions to address airspace capacity issues.


“Equally important for both States and industry, it provides planning and investment certainty needed for effective decision-making over the long-term, critical in today’s demanding and rapidly evolving global economy,” he added.


“We should align and harmonize our national and regional strategies with the requirements and features of a global system. The return on the investment of human and financial resources will be optimized, for operators and users alike,” he emphasized.


“And, as we move towards a transformed ATM environment, working together is not only the best option, it is the ONLY option. Given the level of global cooperation demonstrated thus far by all stakeholders, I am convinced we shall succeed,” Kobeh concluded.

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