ICAO and the European Union Cooperate to Strengthen Global Aviation Capacity Building, Technical Assistance, and Implementation Support

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the European Union (EU) have agreed to strengthen cooperation in order to enhance capacity building, technical assistance, and implementation support in the global aviation sector. This significant step was achieved during the 8th EU/ICAO Memorandum of Cooperation Joint Committee Meeting held at ICAO Headquarters, and marks a new chapter in cooperation between both organizations to foster safer, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable aviation operations worldwide.

The arrangement, which represents the fourth Annex to the ICAO EU Memorandum of Cooperation, underscores the shared commitment of ICAO and the EU to address the critical needs of the aviation industry, particularly in developing regions. This partnership aims to enhance the capabilities of aviation authorities, improve regulatory frameworks, and ensure the effective implementation of international aviation standards. Through this collaboration, ICAO and the EU expect to bridge existing gaps and promote global harmonization in aviation safety and security practices.

ICAO Secretary General, Mr. Juan Carlos Salazar, emphasized the importance of this new initiative, stating, “The adoption of this Annex marks a pivotal moment in ICAO's partnership with the European Union. By combining efforts, we are not just enhancing support for States in need,we're also laying the foundation for a more interconnected, safe, and resilient global aviation system. This collaboration embodies our shared commitment to elevating aviation standards worldwide and ensuring No Country is Left Behind in our rapidly evolving industry.”

Director-General Kopczyńska stated, “We value the strong partnership between the EU and ICAO, which supports safe, secure, and sustainable aviation globally in line with the principle of 'No Country Left Behind.' We are particularly pleased to partner with ICAO through the EU Global Gateway and ACT-SAF initiatives to support the development of sustainable aviation fuels in developing countries. Today’s meeting further strengthened our cooperation.”

The new Annex will be implemented through a series of coordinated initiatives, including training programmes, implementation packages and participation in technical projects. These efforts will focus on achieving the ICAO Strategic Objectives globally and ensuring global compliance with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs).

In addition, a new working arrangement was signed to enhance cooperation between ICAO and the European Commission in the field of continuous monitoring of aviation security in EU Member States.

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