ICAO Secretary General Highlights Advantages of Aviation Development and Partnership during Recent Chilean Mission

ICAO Secretary General, Dr. Fang Liu (second from right), during her meeting with the President of Chile, Mrs. Michelle Bachelet Jeria (centre). Accompanying Dr. Liu was ICAO’s South America Regional Office Director Mr. Franklin Hoyer (second from left), while President Bachelet was joined by the Secretary General of Chile’s Civil Aviation Authority Mr. Ricardo Gutiérrez Recabarren (far left) and its Director General of Civil Aviation Mr. Maximiliano Larraechea Loeser (far right).


MONTRÉAL, 4 NOVEMBER 2015 – An ICAO Delegation led by Secretary General Dr. Fang Liu, and including the Organization’s Regional Director for South America, Mr. Franklin Hoyer, met recently with the President of Chile, Mrs. Michelle Bachelet Jeria, as well as with Chile’s Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Mr. Andrés Gómez-Lobo, Minister of National Defense, Mr. José Antonio Gómez, Under-Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Edgardo Riveros Marín, Secretary General of the Board of Civil Aviation, Mr. Jaime Binder Rosas, Secretary General of the Chilean Civil Aviation Authority, Mr. Ricardo Gutiérrez Recabarren, and with its Director General of Civil Aviation, Mr. Maximiliano Larraechea Loeser.
Secretary General Liu was in Chile to address the 14th meeting of the Civil Aviation Authorities of the ICAO South American (SAM) Region. She and President Bachelet discussed a range of issues relating to the improvements in aviation infrastructure and capacity building currently being realized in Chile and in a number of other South American States. Both emphasized the importance of that progress to effective implementation of ICAO international Standards, and ultimately to the future economic growth and prosperity in Chile and the continent at large.


In 2014, the ICAO SAM Region airlines moved over 177 million passengers, reflecting solid growth of 3.4 per cent. Total freight carried was over 1.5 million tonnes, reflecting more modest growth of 2 per cent.
“ICAO, under its No Country Left Behind initiative, has been very active since the end of 2014 exploring how we can better assist our Member States to implement international Standards, so that each is properly prepared and resourced to realize the significant socio-economic benefits which future air transport growth can deliver to them,” stressed Dr. Liu.
“We look forward to the participation of a senior Chilean transport or tourism official later in November for our inaugural World Aviation Forum, where we will be bringing together States, key international organizations and development agencies to foster deeper partnerships and more effective cooperation in support of more cost- and results-effective aviation development through effective implementation of international Standards.”
The ICAO World Aviation Forum will be held from 23-25 November 2015 at the UN civil aviation agency’s Montréal Headquarters.


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