ICAO Council President Aliu Raises Civil Aviation Capacity Building Issues with Azerbaijani President Aliyev

The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, H. E. Ilham Aliyev (centre) with ICAO Council President Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu (second from left) and IAC Chairperson Dr. Tatiana Anodina (second from right). They’re joined by the President of Azerbaijan Airlines, Mr. Jahangir Askerov (far left) and ICAO European/North Atlantic Regional Office Regional Director, Mr. Luis Fonseca de Almeida.

MONTRÉAL, 28 OCTOBER 2015 The President of the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu, met late last week with the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, H. E. Ilham Aliyev. The meeting was attended by the President of the Interstate Council on Aviation and Use of Airspace and Chairperson of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) Dr. Tatiana Anodina.
President Aliu commended the country's leadership on its substantial investments on infrastructure, the modernization of airport and air navigation systems, and aviation training facilities, all of which support the socio-economic development of the Country.
He requested that these efforts be sustained through continuous capacity building and effective aviation safety and security oversight, urging Azerbaijan to collaborate with other States, including on the training of aviation personnel, and pledged ICAO continued close cooperation with Azerbaijan and the Interstate Aviation Committee on projects to address areas of civil aviation challenge. 
“With our sector set to double in flight and passenger volumes over the next decade and a half, it is essential that States begin to recognize, as soon as possible and at the highest levels, how important air transport development investments today will be to the future prosperity of their citizens and businesses,” stressed President Aliu.
President Aliu met with President Aliyev while visiting Azerbaijan to attend the 35th Session of the Interstate Council on Aviation and Airspace Use in Baku. His prioritizing of aviation development issues was consistent with ICAO’s current No Country Left Behind programme and the ongoing efforts on behalf of the UN’s specialized agency for civil aviation to improve the global effective implementation of international aviation Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs).
ICAO will be conducting a landmark World Aviation Forum later in November where it will be bringing together States’ Ministers and senior donor/development officials to help jump start the development spending needed for modernized airport and air navigation infrastructure and aviation safety and security oversight capacities.
“A safe, efficient and reliable civil aviation sector is a fundamental requirement for any State wishing to participate in the modern, global economy,” President Aliu reaffirmed, “and for it to reap the sustainable benefits air transport growth delivers through enhanced tourism, access to foreign supplies, services and markets, and many other positive impacts on local and regional prosperity.”
Azerbaijani President Aliyev stressed meanwhile the importance of holding the 35th Session of the Interstate Council on Aviation and Use of Airspace in Baku, dedicated to the recent 70th anniversary of ICAO and the 25th anniversary of the IAC, which serves as the executive body of the Interstate Council.
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