Feedback Request: ICAD Theme 2013

​Assembly Resolution A29-1 (1994) declared 7 December International Civil Aviation Day. The purpose of the annual celebration is to establish and reinforce worldwide awareness of the importance of international civil aviation in the social and economic development of States.


The theme approved by the ICAO Council for this year's International Civil Aviation Day is:


Evolving to Meet the Challenges of 21st Century Air Transport


The proposed theme recognizes the significant re-evaluations ICAO and the sector as a whole are undertaking as aviation seeks to forge wider consensus and practical strategic planning to address its imminent challenges. For ICAO, this process is inclusive of all key areas of strategic priority (e.g. the safety and air navigation global plan roll-outs; revisions to the economic policy framework post ATConf/6; more progress on environmental stewardship; and sustainable security and facilitation solutions).


The theme would also support the primary rationales underlying ICAO's formalization of more comprehensive cooperative ties with relevant stakeholders in support of all of these goals, in addition to reinforcing both the realities of the contemporary funding environment and ICAO's fine-tuning of its internal operations to become more efficient in all aspects of its resource allocation.


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