Capt. Claude Hurley appointed new president of the ICAO Air Navigation Commission

​The ICAO Council, pictured above, has elected Capt. Claude Hurley of Canada as the President of the UN civil aviation Organization’s Air Navigation Commission, its main technical review body.

MONTRÉAL, 17 NOVEMBER 2017 – The Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has appointed Capt. Claude Hurley to a one-year term as President of the ICAO Air Navigation Commission (ANC), the UN civil aviation Organization’s main technical review body.

Capt. Hurley, FRAeS, was nominated for the appointment by the Government of Canada, and his mandate begins on 1 January 2018. He has served as an ANC Commissioner at ICAO since February 2014, was appointed Second ANC Vice-President in 2016, and its First Vice-President in 2017.

As an Air Navigation Commissioner at ICAO, Capt. Hurley has further served as Chair of several technical review groups overseeing the work of the Organization, including groups on Safety Management Systems and implementation support for States under ICAO’s No Country Left Behind Initiative.

Prior to his commitments at ICAO, Capt. Hurley, an executive with Transport Canada, managed and led teams with responsibilities in aviation safety regulatory oversight. Previously he flew as a professional pilot for many years, first in the Canadian Armed Forces, where he served as a tactical pilot, peacekeeper, and search and rescue Commander, as well as in communication and safety roles. Capt. Hurley also has extensive civil aviation experience, with a recognized expertise as a Type Rating Instructor, Training Developer, Examiner, Type Technical Pilot, and Manager.

As part of his new duties as the President of the ANC, Capt. Hurley will lead the Commission’s work on the development of Standards and Recommended Practices, as well as ICAO’s global plans. He will also guide the Commission in its preparations for the 2018 ICAO 13th Air Navigation Conference, at which greater convergence on innovations in aviation safety, efficiency, capacity security, and environmental stewardship is expected.



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